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1.  Search For Something : transitive and intransitive verb to try to find a particular thing or place
2.  Strive For Something : transitive verb to try to achieve or obtain something   

3. Ask For Something : transitive verb to consult somebody in order to obtain something such as help or advice...

   Forget having the correct change. It seems like every time you come to one of those spectacular vistas on the highway (wherever you may be traveling) that there is one of those "viewing machines." The only problem is that you've got to have the correct change to get them to work, plus you always wonder if it is really worth the few cents for a closer look. Usually, if you are like most people, you sneak a peak through the viewer just to see if perhaps you can get a view of things. Of course, you can't see through the binoculars without the correct change, so you are content to view things with your own vision.      

Yet sometimes things are worth a closer look. If we make the commitment needed we might just view something spectacular. If you've got the time and the interest we will be thrilled to help assist in giving you the most spectacular view of all...a view of Jesus. The answers you have been seeking are within your just need look the right direction. Let us assist you in your seeking and we promise you will not be disappointed with what you find.


Call us at (662) 323-1499 and speak with any one of our ministers or send Andy Miller an
e-mail and we will get together with you along with God's Word to give you a view of Jesus.



 Search for something   Strive for something
Ask for something