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   We would be thrilled to share God's Word with you!     

We are here to assist you in your spiritual growth.  We have good news to share about Jesus and about God's steadfast love and forgiveness.  Many come to the Starkville Church of Christ seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord. Some have been away from the Lord for years; others have never really found Him, but come with open hearts to learn of God's will for their life. Our series of Bible Studies led by Andy Miller, our pulpit minister, are designed to clearly present you with God's Word. Once you begin a Bible study you're sure to be excited about what you find in God's Word and what He has in store for your life.



Our series of lessons includes five different studies:

Ø     Study 1: Jesus as our Authority

Ø     Study 2: Sin and Our need for God

Ø     Study 3: Following Jesus

Ø     Study 4: Grace, Faith, Repentance

Ø     Study 5: Confession and Baptism


If you would like a one-on-one Bible study where you can sit down in a relaxed, informal study--then we've got the perfect study for you. Contact Andy Miller and he will get you lined up for a study at your convenience. In just four or five studies you can discover God's will for you.

Send an e-mail request and let's set you up a study today! Or give us a call at 323-1499 (office), speak with Andy Miller, our pulpit minister, and he will assist you in your spiritual needs. Set up a Bible Study today and you'll be glad you did!