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Do You Have a Hidden Agenda?

Nope. We have just experienced the love and joy of Jesus in our own lives and would like you to experience the same. Our focus is on a relationship with Jesus that gives life purpose and meaning. If you desire caring fellowship, we are here. If you desire to learn more of God's word, we'll be glad to share with you. If you've got questions, we will explore God's message together. 

We simply ask people if they would like to find out more about God's will for their lives.  We don't use pressure tactics, and there's no secret agenda. We just have good news to share and want others to have good news to share also!

We hope that you found the Starkville church of Christ tour useful. If you still have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, feel free to return to the Home Page and explore the rest of our site!