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Where and When Do We Meet?


We meet at 613 East Lee Blvd., just down the road from the Highway Patrol off Hwy. 182. Within walking distance to the football stadium.

We have a recently built 500 seat auditorium and a 9000 sq. ft. Student Center devoted to our college-age. Our student center offers a large TV sitting study area, three conference rooms, a rec area, a kitchen area, a meeting area for Bible class and other events that can seat about 200, study carrels (yes, our college students come and do some studying), and restrooms. Students are encouraged and welcomed to come by most any time to meet with friends, get some study time in, recreate, or just see what happens to be in the fridge. We are also in the process of completing a large fellowship area complete with a new kitchen area, as well as additional space near our main auditorium to serve our young families. 



Bible Classes & 

Life Groups

Times of Assembly


 Sunday Assembly

  10:00 a.m. 

 Main Auditorium 
 Sunday Bible Classes

  9:00 a.m.

 (classes for all ages)

 Sunday Life Groups

Various Start Times between Noon &
6:00 PM  

 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Sunday's
Life Groups meet at different homes around the city. Call us and join in one of these home fellowships (prayer, singing, Bible study, and many groups share a meal)!

 Fourth Sunday Fellowship Lunch 


Fellowship Hall
Singing Afterwards
(4th Sundays no Life Groups)

Bible Classes

 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

(classes for all ages)



Directions to Starkville Church of Christ

Starkville Church of Christ is located about 1/2 mile south of Highway 182 on E. Lee Blvd. We are just down the road from the MS Highway Patrol facilty and on the edge of the MSU campus. If you are coming from campus on East Lee Blvd. we are just down on the left past Campus Book Mart.   

We had an address change from 1107 to 613 (same location, county changed #) so some GPS's may work better with 1107 East Lee Blvd.

Google Maps has us at about at 671 E. Lee Blvd.

Map Quest is the most accurate. 

Contact Information for the Church Office:
Church Office: 613 E. Lee Blvd.

Mail: 613 E. Lee Blvd, Starkville, MS 39759
Phone: 662-323-1499

Fax: 662-323-1862


 The Starkville Tour Includes:

                                                 1. Who Are We?

                                          2. Who are the leaders?

                                          3. What do we believe?

                                          4. What is the style of the church?

                                          5. What do we offer?

                                          6. Where and when do we meet?

                                          7. Hidden Agenda?