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Who are the Leaders at the Starkville Church of Christ?

We have been blessed with three full-time ministers: Andy Miller, preaching minister; Perry Jinkerson, campus minister; and Wesley Thompson, youth minister. All the ministers have a great desire to encourage, equip, and serve our members of all ages. We all strive to make our lessons and classes Biblical, practical, relevant, and easy to understand and apply. 

Those who do the spiritual shepherding of the congregation are our elders or shepherds. In accord with biblical teaching (Acts 20:28; 1 Timothy 3) our shepherds are responsible for the spiritual oversight of all our members. Those who oversee the body here are Bascom Allen, Keith Coble, Bailey Howell, Johnie Jenkins, Roger King, Derrick Savage, David Shaw, and Dean Stewart.  These men seek to example Christ to all our members through service, character, and leadership.  Read more about our leaders at our leadership page and ministers page. 

Our heart is to make Starkville church of Christ a place where both churched and non-churched can feel secure and loved as they explore their relationship with God.  The ministers and elders are not alone in leading the body of Christ; we enjoy and appreciate the support of a great group of servants/deacons in our congregation.

We pour our hearts into the Lord's work here at East Lee Blvd. We care about people and do our best to show the love of God. We hope you find this site informative to the point that you will want to come and see more for yourself. We would love to see you at any of our services!


                            The Starkville Tour Includes:

                                        1. Who Are We?

                                          2. Who are the leaders?

                                          3. What do we believe?

                                          4. What is the style of the church?

                                          5. What do we offer?

                                          6. Where and when do we meet?

                                          7. Hidden Agenda?