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Discover Schedule '17


Friday, November 3

8:00pm Registration in Upstairs Foyer                                                            
9:00pm                Singing and Devotional - "Look to God and Discover"                               
10:00pm   Depart for Homes  


Saturday, November 4

8:00am              Breakfast in Fellowship Hall / Saturday Registration in Upstairs Foyer
8:30am  Singing and Keynote - "Who Am I?"
9:30am   Discussion Groups
10:15am Gameday Instructions
10:30am   MSU vs UMass and Lunch on your Own
2:45pm   Singing and Keynote "Where do I Fit?"
3:45pm  Discussion Groups
4:30pm   UCSC Presentation
5:00pm   Journey toward Understanding Self
6:00pm   Supper in Fellowship Hall                 
7:30pm Singing and Keynote "What's the Big Picture?"
8:45pm  Depart for Homes  


Sunday, November 5

9:00am            Bible Class - "Why Me?"  
10:00am Worship - "Made for Ministry"                                                            
11:15am Depart