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Discover Youth Rally



November 3-5, 2017 

 Registration is still open.  The tshirt order has been placed.  Extra shirts were ordered but we can no longer guarantee your tshirt size requests. 

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What is Discover   

Discover is a special weekend designed to foster spiritual growth among 7th -12th grade teens, build strong interpersonal relationship, aid in development of church leaders, and introduce young people from a regional area to the Starkville congregation and University Christian Student Center (UCSC) at Mississippi State University.  Don't miss out as each Fall teens from the surrounding area gather together for a special weekend of fellowship and spiritual growth.




There is a $30 registration fee for every teenager who attends which covers their t-shirt, football ticket, the cost of breakfast and one other meal on Saturday, and helps to cover cost for speakers and teachers. Adults do not have to pay the registration fee and therefore do not receive a t-shirt or ticket. However, adults can purchase a t-shirt for $10.00 and/or a football ticket for $10.











Jeremy Stewart





  Singing and Keynotes




Discover Class 2011
The singing at Discover is always uplifting, and our speakers do a good job presenting God's Word.
 There is a time of singing and a devotional on Friday night. Saturday there are three periods when we sing and have a keynote lesson. Sunday, there is a Bible class that goes with the theme and our worship is based on the theme as well.




  Discussion Groups


We know that it is important for you to be able to ask questions. We also know that teens have a lot to learn from each other. Twice on Saturday, we break into discussion groups that allow the teens and adults to discuss the topic that was just presented by the keynote speaker.






The families at the Starkville congregation provide housing for Friday and Saturday night. Coming on Friday and staying until Sunday enhances the overall impact that Discover can have on your youth group.





Saturday, breakfast is served at the church building.  However you will be responsible for lunch or supper on Saturday according to our yearly schedule, while one of these meals will be served at the building.  Breakfast on Sunday is provided by your house parents. We dismiss on Sunday, therefore lunch is not provided.  




Mississippi State University  

   Go State!
Our congregation is located on MSU campus. Our University Christian Student Center provides great opportunities for spiritual growth and Christian fellowship to our college students. If you are thinking about coming to MSU we would encourage you to come to Discover. You will get to stay with a family from the Starkville congregation, you will learn the layout of our building, see a presentation on our UCSC, and you will get a chance to see the campus.