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Worship & Media Ministry

   Our congregation is like a beautiful song. Although we sing different parts, our voices all blend together to praise our Lord. The important thing is not that we sing with perfect pitch, but that we sing with our hearts and worship with our lives. We need men and women just like you to make our time together uplifting and glorifying to God. We invite you to learn more about this ministry. We’d also like to thank JW Bruce, Zack Krampf, Andy Miller, Steve Phillips, Wesley Thompson, and Josh Walden for providing leadership in various areas affecting our worship and media. 



There are many opportunities to help facilitate a wonderful worship experience. It's as easy as ABC:

A - Assist with serving communion, saying a prayer, leading songs, or guiding the thoughts for the Lord's Supper

B - Back up support through communion preparation, picking up communion cups after service, or collecting attendance cards

C - Connect with your brothers and sisters, and especially visitors after worship. All it takes is showing someone the love of Christ. The front line team is ready to set up Bible studies


This a great behind-the-scenes role, but is vital to our assemblies. Members, teen and up, are invited to serve. Media service is as easy as 123:

1 - Training is provided for both audio and manning the slide show. Step by step instructions are being developed to ensure maximum success
2 - Crews rotate once per month and also serve on a scheduled fifth Sunday. This is ideal for busy schedules
3 - If you can click a mouse you are well on your way to skills needed for media service

   Thank you for taking time to learn more about our Worship & Media ministry. If you are interested in helping out, or have any questions, please see Darrell Easley, Jim Miller, or Daniel Russell.