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Outreach Ministry

Nothing is sweeter than to be a greeter! First impressions are lasting. This body has a great collection of sincere and personable greeters…but we can always use more!

We are not clowning around, on campus and in the town, opportunities to share abound! We desire to host events away from our building that give us opportunity to be relational with the Starkville community and the MSU campus.  Plans are being made now for a ‘”school supplies give away day.” Please join us in making this event successful.

How Cool! Helping feed our local school! The Backpack Food Program supplies food for the weekend to certain children at Armstrong Middle School who may not be receiving sufficient nourishment at home. This program is successful because of the strong support of this family! College and resident members have plenty of opportunity to serve by supplying food, packing  meals, or delivering and distributing meals to the school.

Looking for something new to do? Come join the Frontline crew! The Frontline team is a group of college and resident members that gather at the rear of the auditorium at the close of service each Lord’s day in order to meet our guests.  The goal of the Front line Team is to ask every non-Christian visitor for a Bible Study—before they leave the building. Team members are not asked to necessarily lead a Bible study or even ask the guests if they would like to study. Many are facilitators who engage the guests and then introduce them to team members that set up the Bible studies. Many days the Lord brings more guests our way than we can meet, so we really need your help in this area.

Fast and pray. That is the Lord’s way. Several times each year our family sets aside a day of fasting to prayerfully considers those that God has placed within our circles of influence.



  If you would like a one-on-one Bible study where you can sit down in a relaxed, informal study--then we've got the perfect study for you. Contact Andy Miller and he will get you lined up for a study at your convenience. In just four or five studies you can discover God's will for you. Send an e-mail request and let's set you up a study today!