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Education Ministry 




 The Education deacons want to facilitate a steady dose of spiritual food not only for the children, but  also for the adults as well. Our goal is to provide EVERYONE with the educational tools, classes and  encouragement we ALL need to grow and flourish in the grace and wisdom of God and to be more like  Jesus!

 "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"
(2 Peter 3:18)

 "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people" (Luke 2:52)



Children's Education Program



 Age Birth - 15 months Class

 Curriculum: Palma Smiley's "To Babies with Love" Series

   This classic study includes four major concepts: Creation, Families, God Made Me, and Baby Jesus.  It  incorporates many visual, tactile, and musical elements to teach these fundamental Bible concepts.


 Age 15 - 24 months (Toddler) Class

 Curriculum: "Great People of the Bible" Series

   This excellent study was developed and assembled by members of our own congregation!  It  incorporates many visual, tactile, and musical elements to teach many of the classic Bible stories.


Age 2 Class

Curriculum: "Lessons from the Vine"

The title of this series comes from John 15:1-8, where Jesus says "I am the true vine..."  It incorporates many visual, tactile, and musical elements to teach Bible concepts.  The major goals of the class are teaching our children: Who Jesus is, To find life we must abide in Him, What it means to abide in Him, and The results of abiding in Him.


Age 3 - Grade 6 Classes

Curriculum: "Bible Study Guide for All Ages"





Four Goals of the Bible Study Guide (BSG) Curriculum* 



Students learn both the actual contents of the Bible AND how their current lesson fits into the overall story of the Bible using a simple time line and consistent review. The Bible becomes an understandable, easy-to-use, tool of God in the students' hands.



Students not only learn an application in every lesson, they also learn HOW to apply what they read in the Bible to their own lives. This is giving them the tools they need for a lifetime of growth.



All ages can study the same lessons at the same time, promoting family Bible Study. For example,

Lesson 1 in the Beginner (Age 3-K) level covers the same Bible text as
Lesson 1 in the Intermediate (Grades 1-3) and Lesson 1 in the Advanced (Grades 4-6) Levels. When students graduate to a higher age level, they don't need to start the study over again. They just continue with the next lesson at the next age level.



Students don't simply study lessons based on the Bible, they actually study the Bible, all of it, in a fun and engaging way. Some Old Testament, some New Testament, and part of Jesus' life and teachings are incorporated each year. There are 416 lessons in all divided into 4 Units (years) of 104 lessons each. Each Unit contains 52 Sunday morning lessons and 52 Wednesday night lessons. Thus, Students who start the BSG Program at age 3 will cover the entire Bible about 2-1/2 times by the end of their 6th Grade school year!

*Note: The preceding information was adapted from the BSG website with permission from the publisher. Please see for more details...


We have many opportunities for service in our Education Program -- not only Children's Bible Classes but also Adult Bible Classes.  Areas of service obviously include teaching (children's classes, combined adult classes, men's classes, women's classes, etc.) but we also need help in these areas:

  • Curriculum planning (adult classes)
  • Curriculum and reference organization (children & adult materials)
  • Attendance (collecting and tracking for individual children & adults)
  • Teacher workroom organization and maintenance (children's classes)

These are just a few items. There are many more ideas that could be developed.  Most importantly, we want our classes to be Biblically sound, inspiring, and engaging. So, please consider serving in the Children's and/or Adult Bible Classes in some way, but most of all, COME TO BIBLE CLASS!!!"


"Come and see..." (John 1:46)

For a list of current children and adult Bible Classes please check out this link to our Bible Classes and come and join us as we discover, discuss, and learn to apply God's word!

To get involved please contact our Education Deacons: