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      Life Groups     

Join a Small Group Today!

Our LIFE Groups are smaller gatherings of individuals/ families that meet in homes around Starkville for a time of prayer, Bible study, encouragement, spiritual support & fellowship.  The lessons are usually based on the sermon preached that morning, so this provides each group with rich discussion and a chance to practically apply the lesson to real-life situations.


Close Friends/ Learning and Applying God's Word/ Fellowship  


There is sure to be a Life Group to meet your needs just give us a call and we will match you up with a Life Group that will connect you with rich friendships that will strengthen you throughout each week. Whether you are single, married, a college student, or a resident here in Starkville--there is a place for you.


"Life Groups are the highlight of my week. Our prayers for one another give me great support. The application of God's word to my daily life is enriching and our meals shared together have given me closer connections than I thought possible"

                                                                 ...Life Group Member 


For more information about each Life Group just click on the Life Group name and you can find out their focus, meeting times, and meeting places.  For further assistance with Life Groups please call 323-1499 and we'll help you find a LIFE group that's right for you and your family!