Youth Missions 2010. We were off to Honduras to serve the Lord again! Check out our 2010 mission effort video, it's just a taste of the marvelous ministry God is doing in this receptive part of our world. 

Worth the time for download--check out our 2010 video!T.
O.R.C.H. stands for: “Training of Redeemed Christians Heaven Bound.” Torch was originally started as a teen mission. It is designed and crafted to interest teens and their chaperones in short term mission efforts in Honduras. Teams build houses for the poor, provide food for the hungry, supply clothing and medical supplies, and most importantly, share the good news of Jesus with the lost.

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 God is good all the time and all the time God is good!
[Everyday saying in Honduras]

church of ChristOur group from Starkville joined groups from other states. The collective group built 12 homes, held medical missions, had daily visits to the children’s hospital, had food distributions, visited a children’s home and a school for the blind. The good news of Jesus was shared and 25 were baptized.


Some fruits from our Summer Mission Effort:Building a House

  •      12 Homes Built
  •      25 Baptisms
         1 Concrete Soccer Field
  •      Over 1000 fed
  •      Hundreds clothed
         Vistis to hospital, prison, and
  •        children's home.



All Smiles


Plenty of Precious Children


The smiles never stopped.



We work in the city of Tegucigalpa




Most of our Mission Work was in Tegucigalpa  


Ever wonder where Honduras is actually located?