We are glad that you are visiting our web site.  /files/UCSC Gallery Photos/23717_656935539016_26520033_36462170_4814464_n.jpgThere is much to do and see when you're hanging out with your friends at the UCSC.    So check us out, and feel free to contact us at ucsc@ra.msstate.edu!

Perry JinkerPerryson has   served for 20+ years as our Student Center Director. Perry and his wife Sylvia, previously worked in Ireland as ambassadors for Christ. He is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and has taught at Magnolia Bible College. He spends countless hours counseling students in many areas of life. In addition to the campus minister, there are student Campus Ministry Interns who help plan activities for both men and women and encourage students to grow in their relationship with one another and with the Lord. Together, this staff forms an effective team for meeting the needs of the students. However, their work only represents a part of this ministry. Almost every member of the Starkville congregation is involved with this ministry in one way or another.


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