Family Ministry 
   Several of Our Families at a Retreat
Our Families are important to the life of the body here at the Starkville Church of Christ. These families have children that range from toddlers to high school age. This dynamic, active group encourages the spiritual growth of families through family-oriented activities and special events that promote togetherness.
  Some of our activities are planned through our Youth Ministry and other activities are guided by parents who just see a need and are great at creating opportunities for fellowship.

Sunday Classes

From cradle roll to adults, we offer classes on Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. (9:30 a.m. in the summer) that give opportunities for friendships and spiritual growth.  Our kids get a chance to be with other kids their age in safe, supervised classes that use age-appropriate teaching and activities.  Our teachers do a great job of sparking the kids’ interest in spiritual things and equipping them in God’s word.  While we have several adult classes on Sunday morning, our Life Builders (20 t0 30 yr. olds), Seekers (30-40 yr. olds) and our Sojourners (40 to 50 yr. olds) provide ample opportuniies for growth and fellowship. Don't worry...not will to admit you are "40" yet...there is no hard fast rule--join the class that meets your needs. The common thread these individuals share in raising families adds a dynamic aspect to the discussion and application of their Bible study.  These family classes also gather together for other times of fellowship.  


Special Seminars

When it comes to strengthening families—we’re all for it!  Each year we strive to provide at least one seminar or series of classes that relate to the building of the family. Desiring to enhance your marriage relationship? Seeking to raise those kids or step-kids in a way that will bring blessings for life? Wanting to improve in your role as a mom or a dad? Then check out one of our classes or seminars and strengthen yourself, your family, and your relationship with the Lord. 


Fellowship Activities

Who ever said families can’t have fun together? We offer monthly and seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy together.  Beginning in August with a canoe trip, to our Fall Festival in October, to other special times where families are the focus.  Opportunities for families to come together abound.  In these busy times it becomes more and more difficult to find time for “family”—here at the Starkville Church of Christ we will give you plenty of options to choose from so your family can enjoy some special time.


Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes (LLL)

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Lads  to  Leaders/Leaderettes is  a  big  event  for  the  whole congregation.  The  youth  go  to Nashville,  TN  every  year  over  Easter  weekend  to compete  in  various  events.  They  compete  in Puppets, Song Leading, Songs of Praise, Speech, Debate, Mass Media, Scrapbook, Art, BibleBowl, Banner, etc. We use different talents throughout the congregation to help the children get ready for these events. The parents are great to go with the group to Nashville, but sometimes ones cannot attend or they have more children in events than they can stretch (Thompsons - all 4 girls doing songs of praise at  the same time and only 1 momma to go to all  4 events;  Cobles - 3 children competing in songs of praise at the same time and only 2 parents). When this happens we recruit UCSC students to help us be "parents" for the weekend. This event helps to incorporate many age groups  to  work  together.  LLL  helps  the  children  to  gain  wisdom in  the  scriptures,  confidence  in speaking the Word, learning to work together, exposure to other adults in the congregation, and preparing to be the future leaders of the Church. Everyone's help is needed in preparing our future church.